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Dr. Smoot defines the Adult Developmental Stage of Psychological Maturation as the necessary “Missing Link” for attainment of functional (vs. dysfunctional) resolution of anxiety. Psychological and educational Methods for its achievement can be learned to help arrive at more successful life choices. The Adult stage of Psychological Development contains concepts leading to ability to tolerate frustration, delay gratification and accept the truth concerning objective reality. The Map of Reality runs through the Fabric of the Universe and is paved with Laws of Cause & Effect. Personal growth, mature relationships and development of Unique Potential (Psychological Maturation) can occur by learning to recognize the underlying “Processes” of Reality.

We are born with a mission—to explore our own path. Psychological Maturation requires tolerance of personal differences without giving up individuality in the presence of emotional or social pressure to do otherwise. Mature choices are based on ability to think about feelings and choose to respond to them or not based on what is best for the self and others in the long run.
To help people develop “unique personal potential”, Dr. Smoot shares four essential tasks of mature human development and five necessary lessons for attaining personal strength, success and happiness. The book has questionnaires, stories and visualizations to help assess and advance the readers’ present level of personal maturation.

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